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Triple P… taking the guess work out of parenting


Dear All

When it comes to raising children and teenagers, everyone has an opinion.

There are so many ideas out there, so how do you know what’s best and what works?

Early Help ‘Triple P’ gives parents simple tips to help manage the big and small problems of family life. Problems like toddler tantrums or teenage rebellion, Self-esteem issues, Bedtime battles, Disobedience, Aggression. Triple P can help you deal with them all – and more.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program responds to the needs of parents introducing core parenting skills – giving parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children’s behaviour, prevent problems developing and build strong, healthy relationships.

How it's delivered?

Early Help’s Triple P delivery is a FREE service, aimed at families with children aged 3 to 16 years. 20 practitioners/professionals have been trained to deliver a variety of universal programmes such as – personal consultations, group courses, larger public seminars and other self-help interventions, delivered in  schools and local community venues, across a range of times and dates over the coming months.

The programme contains a variety of discussions, video clips, worksheets and booklets for you to take away.

Our aim is to empower and equip parents with key skills to better deal with the everyday and on occasions extreme parenting challenges. Giving parents the kind of solid parenting information and support that can reduce their distress and help prevent behavioural problems in children.


Please click here to view the 'Early Help Parenting Offer' information leaflet.

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