'Stronger Together'

Sharnbrook Academy Federation Governance

Sharnbrook-Fed-logo.jpgIn September 2009, Sharnbrook Upper School, Harrold Priory Middle School and Lincroft Middle School formed a federation to enhance collaboration and cohesion between the middle schools and the Upper School to improve the learning opportunities and outcomes for all pupils. In September 2010 Margaret Beaufort Middle School joined the Federation. The Federation, in line with many other schools nationally, has converted to academy status. When this conversion happens, an academy trust is created which is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Because the four schools had already formed a federation, the conversion was as a multi academy trust. The name of the Trust was changed to the Sharnbrook Academy Federation in July 2012 (prior to that it was known as the Academy Federation of North Bedfordshire Schools). The Trust has a Board of Directors (which is similar to a governing body and currently made up mostly of former governors within the Federation) As with a governing body, different stakeholder groups are represented on the Board. The Board has a strategic role and is accountable for the four schools.

The current directors are:

  • Hugh Carr-Archer (Chair)
  • Graham Russell (Vice Chair)
  • Amrit Bahia
  • Iain Denning
  • Stephen Harris
  • Julia Harrison
  • Jacqui Hepburn
  • Phil McCarthy
  • Stelios Mores
  • Richard Paterson
  • Gareth Swidenbank
  • Ken Williams

Please contact Tracy McDonagh, Governance Officer, should you wish to contact a director.

To ensure good communication with our communities, we have an academy local group for each of our schools. Again stakeholders are represented in these groups. They meet regularly and have a voice and an opportunity to help and support the work of the Board of Directors to ensure we do our very best for all the young people in our schools.

Should you wish to speak to any member of the Local Governing Body, please contact Tracy McDonagh.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Governance Framework - Funding Agreements